Recent Company News

Our current projects revolve around two of our mainstays, namely patent translation and game translation, and these have been keeping our office bustling with activity over the past month. We hope that by working hard, we are able to carry this early momentum forward into the rest of the New Year.


Also, with the increasing number of projects coming in, we have decided to welcome a new staff member on-board to help us handle some of the workload. We’ll continue to be a solid and reliable company, and with this addition to our staff, we’ll be able to bring even more to the table and provide our clients with the highest level of service yet.


At our New Year’s party the other day, we also had the great opportunity to get together with many of our company’s friends and colleagues. Gathering together to celebrate is indeed important, and even more so with all our busy schedules.


We aim to continue riding this wave throughout the upcoming year and provide a level of service that will result in an even higher degree of satisfaction from our clients. We’re also very excited about the prospect of meeting and making connections with new clients and working on many exciting new projects. We hope that by working together we are able to achieve all of our goals and make 2016 yet another successful year for all!


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