Useful Features: Optimizing Access to Files

This time we would like to introduce a useful feature for optimizing access to files and folders.

Windows users may already be aware of this function, but for those of you who are not we thought it might prove useful to write a little post detailing this handy little feature.

Creating a desktop shortcut is probably the most common way to access sub-folders and files, but as the number of these shortcuts increase, it becomes a hassle to try and locate them.

So with that in mind, we will show you an alternative solution to this problem: pinning folders to your task bar.

1) Open the folder containing the sub-folder you wish to create a shortcut for

(the example below shows how to easily access a folder named ‘TEST3’)


2) Click on the applicable folder and then drag it onto the folder icon on your task bar.


3) Next time you right click on the folder icon on your desktop, you will see a shortcut to your selected folder appear in the pinned folder menu.


4) Easily Accessible from the Task bar

This incredibly handy little feature can even be used for individual Microsoft Word and Excel files etc., making complex file or folder management that little bit easier than simply creating numerous desktop shortcuts.

Why not give it a try?


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