Useful Skype Features: Screen Sharing

When trying to explain how to open or use particularly complicated tools or files, or explain detailed control systems, wouldn’t it be useful if you could see your friend/colleague’s screen, or show them yours?

Well, that is exactly what Skype’s “screen sharing” function is for!


Using this function, you can share a real-time feed of your PC’s desktop with your friend or colleague during a Skype call. To share your own screen, simply select ‘Call’ -> ‘Share Screens…’ -> ‘Start’ from the top menu bar when in a call with the person you wish to share your screen with.






Use this feature to easily share your screen and make complicated explanations that little bit easier, helping to improve work accuracy among entire teams.


As both parties must agree to use this feature before being launched, you can rest assured that your security will always be maintained.


If all this sounds interesting to you then why not give it a try?



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